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The Finance Minister

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The STAR scheme is an initiative to boost employability and productivity of youth by providing them monetary incentive to voluntarily join an approved skill training course that is certified by Sector Skill Councils.

The scheme is available at centres approved by Government of India and/or National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and centres affiliated to Sector Skill Councils.

The objective of this Scheme is to encourage skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programs. Specifically, the Scheme aims to:
  • Encourage standardization in the certification process and initiate a process of creating a registry of skills.
  • Increase productivity of the existing workforce and align the training and certification to the needs of the country.
  • Provide Monetary Awards for Skill Certification to boost employability and productivity of youth by incentivizing them for skill trainings.
  • Reward candidates undergoing skill training by authorized institutions at an average monetary reward of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand) per candidate.
Eligible Sectors and Job Roles
  • While the Scheme is intended to cover all job roles in all sectors, it will initially cover only a limited number of high-market-demand Job Roles in specified economic sectors from Levels 1 to 4 in the NSQF.
  • National Occupational Standards (NOSs) and Qualification Packs (QPs) for these roles are prepared by the respective SSCs, and will constitute 80% of the entry-level workforce in priority sectors.
Assessment and Certification
  • All assessments will conform to assessment guidelines laid down by the concerned SSC for each QP. Any candidate can undergo assessment any number of times for qualifying for a particular job role, at any approved assessment agency. A candidate has to undergo formal training as a prerequisite for assessment.
  • Assessment Fees charged to candidates for each assessment is capped as Rs. 1,000.

"A large number of youth must be motivated to voluntarily join skill development programmes. I propose to ask the National Skill Development Corporation to set the curriculum and standards for training in different skills. Any institution or body may offer training courses. At the end of the training, the candidate will be required to take a test conducted by authorized certification bodies. Upon passing the test, the candidate will be given a certificate as well as a monetary reward of an average of Rs. 10,000 per candidate. Skill-trained youth will give an enormous boost to employability and productivity. On the assumption that 10,00,000 youth can be motivated, I propose to set apart Rs. 1,000 crore for this ambitious scheme. I hope that this will be the trigger to extend skill development to all the youth of the country. "

Accordingly, this scheme is hereby implemented to achieve the stated objectives.

Finance Minister
Shri P. Chidambaram
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